Tonight is My 10 Year Reunion

…and I’m obviously not going, whomp whomp. I know I promised a family introduction next, but I’m feeling a little nostalgic so that will just have to wait!

On May 19, 2007, my friends and I threw our hats in the air and said “sayonara!” to Fernandina Beach High School in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

FBHS 2007

But before that we had a ton of fun, a ton of drama, and got into more trouble than I care to remember!

Look at all these baby faces! Click here to see the full size pictures!

My number one trouble maker, though, was Number 2. Bri 2 to be exact.

the bris

To this day, this girl remains one of my best friends! If The Bri’s were in the area, you knew about it. I can’t even remember how much school we skipped but she lived on the beach, so I mean…how could you actually expect us to go to class?

We were all quite the camera whores, so it would literally take me 5 hours to dig through all my old pictures. I even logged back into my old myspace (nothing gives your age away quite like myspace!) and checked out a few there too. I’d link to my photobucket which has hundreds of pics, but it’s seriously the worst site ever now. I’m accepting any tips on how to easily get all my photos from there and onto something more user friendly!

Oh memory lane, you never disappoint! You do, however, keep me from the assignments I need to finish before tomorrow, ugh. Nothing motivates you to finish college like realizing you graduated high school over a decade ago.

Back to the present then! I hope all my Florida friends are having a fabulous evening even though I know most (if not all) of us are way too cool to attend a reunion.

PS: enjoy these obligatory senior photos and a few graduation pics!
senior photo 2

Senior photo

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